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Pulling the Pieces Together by Building Trust

As a Chief Business Architect for CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) Manish Bhansali deals with complex information technology enterprise situations on a regular basis. Yet he more than an experienced IT professional. He is a business leader with a talent for building trust and managing the dynamics of different personalities in diverse situations. Manish is a technical professional who uses his expertise in finance, business management, and sales to see multiple sides of problems to chart innovative paths for resolution. He achieves success by building trust.

In 2001, CSC was working with San Diego County on an implementation project involving Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft Human Resources and Payroll, and Kronos Time Collection. The project was massive and complex involving building a solution that was unique in the marketplace and creating connected, coordinated, efficient systems. By the time the project with a $240 million budget was assigned to Manish Bhansali, the client relationship was so damaged that the customer was refusing to speak with CSC due to unmet expectations and failure to meet promised delivery schedules.

Manish set about to rebuild trust with the customer, convince them that CSC had their interest in mind, and turn the situation around. A large part of the unmet expectations came from different supervisors wanting to achieve different objectives. Manish investigated and presented the hard facts with realistic goals to define achievable results. He nurtured a strong partnership with County executive management as a primary point of contact. He convinced them that CSC had the capability, support, and resources to fulfill the customer requirements.

Manish was able to get all units focused on the principal objectives and timelines. He produced a statement of work and clearly defined the project plan, organization, budget, and time estimates. He synchronized efforts of 150 consultants and 50 client staff at multiple locations to complete change management activities.

Within six months, the trust level had risen and the project was rolling forward. Among the measurable results, they deployed 18,000 desktops, servicers, web portals, and imaging and bar coding technologies. They helped San Diego County achieve budget savings of 26 percent year-over-year. They targeted, negotiated, and secured additional engagements valued at approximately $25 million with diverse companies including TASQ, Inuit, and Qualcomm

Manish Bhansali continued to work with San Diego County for the next six years. Having the technical expertise was only one part of his equation for success. Being able to build trust and focus on the client in the long run opened the way for honest communication and demonstrated his commitment to the customer. Manish is guided by a belief that success is not one sided—it is a shared state. In the words of Mahan Khalsa, author of Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play: Helping Clients Succeed, “The more we increase the success of others, the more successful we will be.”

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