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Manish Bhansali, MBA, PMP

In fifteen years, Manish Bhansali has succeeded in building a professional record that includes expertise in information technology, business finance, management, and a keen ability to motivate and manage diverse teams. He is a strategic visionary, a technology leader, and a trusted relationship builder. In the complex world of enterprise architecture, he has a proven record of delivering large scale, complex projects with geographically dispersed teams.

He is equally competent when leading small teams or global operations with members numbering over 500.

He is currently a Partner at CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation). Positions he has previously held include Oracle Practice Director, Program Solution Architect, Chief Business Architect, Senior Consultant, Director, ERP Consultant, Software Engineer, and Technology Consultant.

Mr. Bhansali has revived faltering programs, restored client trust, secured business in excess of $50 million, improved team performance by 46 percent, and prepared and deployed strategic IT transformations that earned Oracle’s Excellence Award. He has worked across a variety of industries including Fortune 100 companies and public sector entities.

Manish Bhansali was born in India and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Laxminarayan Institute before coming to the U.S. on a technical competition project that was accepted by Texas A&M. After arriving in the United States, recognizing the industry trends and his experience with complex technology implementation effort, he went on to study technology, computer processes, and business. He earned a Master of Computer and Information Science degree from Cleveland State University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Kent State University.

He views his greatest strength to be a blend of business and technical expertise across wide industry verticals, strategic thinking, ability to execute vision to support the strategy and understanding in information technology, business management, and people skills (team building). He has the coveted ability to quickly gauge and understand key issues with business problems, processes, and human capital. Whether guiding people or resolving Organizational issues, he is skilled at assessing situations, eliminating weaknesses, and expanding strengths.

Manish has completed the Trusted Advisor programs that emphasize understanding the dynamics of building trust-based leadership and creating trust in virtual teams. In business situations, he takes into account the Emotional Quotient—how individuals perform under pressure, cope with conflict or challenges, and work together effectively in groups.

Manish is truly remarkable at getting others to excel. He does not micro-manage. He puts his trust in the people on his teams and believes that establishing the goal and direction and providing education and resources is the recipe for success. His teams quickly build strong relationships where members depend on each other—not just him. “The rest is just magic,” Manish recounts.

Manish was inspired by his father’s example—a medical doctor who went door-to-door in a small town in India to visit patients and educate them about the benefits of ultrasound. He follows his father’s example in patience, persistence, and perseverance and believes that, “As long as you have a clear vision in your mind, you can get what you want.”

Although results are the measure of success, Manish Bhansali is more than a results oriented manager—he is an agent of change—producing positive changes in businesses and the lives of many people.

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